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Sigma Services is a debt restructuring business that acts as an independent external partner working for the benefit of our clients in dealing with their banks and creditors. As experienced financial professionals we will help you to negotiate with your banks and creditors to accept reduced repayments, request that interest, penalties and charges be frozen and explain what you are entitled to and help you to structure your finances with the ultimate aim of a debt free future.

DJ O’Donovan is a Business Advisor who has over 25 years experience in finance, specialising in commerical finance and debt restructuring.

• A team of experts to handle all negotiations with your banks/creditors
• We will negotiate a sustainable restructure of all your debts.
• We will help you to take control of the stressful phone calls and letters


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Sigma Services
17, South Bank, Crosses Green,
Cork, Ireland

T: +353 21 4311885