Business and property debt

Business & Property Debt

Is your business experiencing financial difficulties?
• The market is inundated with individuals in distress with their property and business debt.
• We offer an external independent assessment of the client’s position and an action plan
to work through the current situation
Are you having difficulties with your Bank & Creditors?
• Banks & Creditors take a lot of comfort when the individuals concerned seek external
assistance with their financial difficulties.
• Banks are often in a difficult position as lender & relationship manager - the same person playing two roles!
Don’t know who you should turn to?
It is better to have someone who has no previous links with the financial transaction.

SIGMA SERVICES - Independent specialists who act as a mediator between the
Client and the Bank/Creditor


Business & Property Debt Plan

• Meet with the client and their advisers to determine the exact position - the full picture!
• Meet with the Bank to assess their views of the current position of the client
•  Review the clients existing debt structure, bank security, bank accounts and financial statements
• Review interest rate structure
• Revert to the Bank with an assessment of the current position and recommendations

• If the Bank and Client are happy with our recommendations we provide an ongoing consultative service to ensure that the recommendations are met in the short to medium term
• We prepare an action plan for 6 months to 1 year and get all parties to sign off on the plan
• We hold monthly meetings with the Bank and Client and issue  monthly status reports to all parties to review progress
• There is a constant review of the strategy to get the client back on the right track
 the Bank with an assessment of the current position and recommendations

• Working with the Client and Bank to review the exit strategy - how best to reduce,
restructure or clear the debt
• Consider alternative sources of financing using the network of Lenders
• Refinance existing debt with existing security
• Leverage other assets that are available
• Selective asset disposal - non core
• Asset transfer to enable funds to be raised
• Settlement negotiations

• We will negotiate with your unsecured creditors to establish a repayment plan that can fit with your Monthly Cashflow.


Sigma Services Fees

• Fees are based on the scale of the issue, the time involvement and the complexity of the
• Fees are agreed in advance of any work being undertaken
• Generally for the initial review and the development of an action plan we work on a hourly basis
• If the project requires ongoing management we agree a retainer/monthly fee for monitoring the implementation phase
• A milestone fee based on achieving key elements of the action plan may also be agreed.



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