“We always felt we were good at managing money, however, when John lost his job last Christmas things started to get out of control and we started using our credit cards to cover our living expenses.
We ignored the letters, phonecalls and statements hoping it would all go away.
Of course it didn’t, it just got worse, because I didn’t do anything about it. That’s when a friend of mine who used the services of SIGMA SERVICES recommended that I contact you. I couldn’t believe how quick you were in replying to my telephone call, you were so honest and helpful from the beginning .
We are now working with you to pay off my banks and creditors and feel that it’s a huge weight of our minds. Thank you so much.”


“I ran a successful business for a long number of years and my family and I had a very good standard of living. Unfortunately the recession hit us very badly and the downturn came over night with the result that I had to let all my employees go and I struggled to maintain an income sufficient to pay my mortgage, loans, leasing, credit cards and creditors.
Things got worse when my main customer went broke and I was without an income for a number months and the stress and pressure from letters and phone calls from the banks and my creditors made life unbearable.

 My Accountant recommended SIGMA SERVICES to me as they had provided advice to some of his other clients and they were successful in negotiating a break in my loan repayments and reduced payments thereafter to a level that I can now manage.
This allowed me to get back on my feet and my business is now trading again and I’m earning an income!”



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